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Report on ILGWU Cooperative Village - 1957

Booklet Front Cover

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Report on ILGWU Cooperative Village
This is a booklet about the building of East River Houses, prepared by the United Housing Foundation around 1957. The original spiral-bound document is about 30 pages and includes many photographs and charts. It is presented here, in its entirety, as a series of web pages, including all images and charts.


Letter from Abraham E. Kazan

Introduction / Officers of the Corporation

How it Started

East River Housing Corporation Organized

Where the Money Came From / Financing

Relocation / Site Development

Construction: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Development & Construction Costs

What "The House" Cost

How the Dollar Was Spent

The Cooperative Village / The Apartment Buildings

Typical Floor Plans [1] [2]

The Power Plant / The Shopping Center

Who Are The Owners?

A Cooperative Effort / The People's Business

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